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Attention Homeowners!!!
Here are the main reasons why it would benefit you to hire Casa Florentino Real Estate when listing your property for sale: with its experienced agents, your house will not only be priced right and get the maximum amount of exposure, you as the seller will be guaranteed exceptional service; resulting in a worry free and accurate transaction on your behalf.

Are you upside-down with your mortgage? Do you owe more than your house is worth? Don’t let the bank foreclose. Call Casa Florentino Real Estate for an alternative solution such as a Short Sale

What is a Short Sale?

Short selling your house means getting your lender to approve the sale of the property for less than the loan amount you owe to them. Government program is now available to help both Homeowners and Lenders with this process. 

Selling Your Home

  • All the efforts should be joint from day one
  • Prepare or setting the house for showing
  • Inspect the house for open house
  • The marketing effort
  • The four “P”s of Marketing (Product, Place, Price, & Promotion)
  • Current Market Condition — Analysis

Preparing for Showing

  • Maintain consistency with pictures
  • Remove extras (furniture, clothing, shoes, boxes)
  • Front yard maintenance
  • Cleaned and uncluttered
  • Less is more
  • Always keep it simple
  • Discuss showing instruction

Open House

  • Prepare/Stage property with lighting/cool/fragrance
  • Inspect for safety
  • Safekeeping valuables
  • Remove extra items to storage
  • Prepare to be out of the house for about 4 to 6 hours
  • Remember we will get you out of the house when you need us to

Moving Arrangement

  • Identified the need for rent-back
  • Ensure property condition
  • Prepare keys/alarms/remote doors
  • Prepare for walk-thru inspection
  • Transfer all utilities/forward mails
  • Remove all personal items
  • Ensure HOC is move-in ready
  • Go to settlement
  • Move out to new place
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