Real Estate Sales/Purchases 

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, we can help. We have sold properties throughout the state of Maryland. We specialize in Short sales, Bank owned properties, the HUD process and Government owned properties. Please contact us to make an appointment and to discuss what is best for you.


Real Estate Investment 

This is a great time to look into real estate as a long term investment. Currently, HUD has a lot of properties for sale for less. Some properties may need rehabilitation; however, the price may be well worth it. The time is now to build a portfolio with substantial equity and take advantage of this growing rental market. We will assist you with buying the right property and we will help you find a renter when you are ready to rent it out.

Property Management 

If you need help maintaing your investment property or simply cannot keep up with the overwhelming housework of your home; please give us a call. Choose any of our services and we'll be glad to assist you.

.  Evaluate Property
.  Market Property
.  Tenant Screening
.  Rent Collection
.  Inspections
.  Property Maintenance
.  Leaf And Snow Removal 
.  Landscaping
.  Trash And Debris Removal

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